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Cumberland Products Inc. hereby warrants to our Customers, exclusively upon the terms of the warranty, all Cumberland automotive refinish products used by our Customer upon the following conditions:

  1. A qualified technician performed the repair.

  2. Appropriate products were used to perform the type of repair (including recommended types of basecoats).

  3. Proper determination is made that failure was due solely to Cumberland products.


If these conditions are met, Cumberland Products will provide the following warranty protections:​

If a Cumberland product is determined to be the sole cause of refinish failure, Cumberland will provide a credit for sufficient materials and reasonable labor necessary to repaint the vehicle. This warranty is a lifetime product warranty for the owner of the vehicle at the time of repair. Proof of ownership is the burden of the customer. Labor will be determined by the current market labor pricing and hours will be based on the current collision repair manuals (Mitchell or Motors).

Warranty exclusions:

This warranty does not cover the following: rust failure: chips: chemical spotting: scratches and abrasions; failure due to previous repair; OEM finish failure; exposure to environmental pollution or contamination; collision damage; commercial vehicles: application on plastic or composite parts (there are too many reasons for failure on these substrates); damage caused by use of improper detergents, waxes or abrasive; damage due to contact with harsh chemicals, corrosives or flammables; failure or damages due to poor workmanship, improper use, application, handling or storage or disposal of Cumberland products; or, an act of God or third party. Cumberland reserves the right of testing any questionable claim and will provide the results to Customer. Proof of Cumberland product use is the burden of the Customer.

It is the intention of Cumberland Products Inc. to supply defect-free products and to ensure that quality to our Customers.

Cumberland Products reserves the right to terminate this warranty at any time. This warranty will only apply with respect to Customer application of Cumberland products during the existence of, and in accordance with, this warranty. This warranty is between the Customer and Cumberland Products only, and is not transferable to the vehicle owner.

Thank you,

Cumberland Products Inc.


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Clearcoat and Primer Cross Reference:
Cumberland Products Incorporated provides an entire line of 100% Virgin Products. From solvents to sealants, from clearcoats and primers to paint additives, you'll get 100% Virgin Products every time.

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